British Chamer of Commerce in Sierra Leone





We aim to offer our members productive networking, high quality events and promotional opportunities, valuable information services and access to influential individuals and institutions
Our mission is to:
  • Promote and support the business interests of all our members both in Sierra Leone and overseas
  • Strengthen commercial ties between Britain and Sierra Leone
  • Introduce new foreign business into the Sierra Leone market
  • Encourage Sierra Leone investment into the UK
  • Drive private sector forward and reducing dependency on aid
  • Encourage capacity building in the private sector

G4S Secure Solutions encompasses a wide range of services which allow peaceful, safe and effective journeys to clients. Services include VIP transportation, VIP protection, protocol officers, meet and greet services, and evacuation plans. G4S also has the technology to equip vehicles with Scope Tracking Systems, which allow the client and the G4S control room to monitor the position of vehicles, as well as record if an incident takes place. All services are adjusted according to professionally determined risk factors and client’s specific requirements.

In the domestic or business setting, G4S can provide Rapid Response Services including Panic Systems as well as fully Automated Intruder and Fire Detection Systems. Panic buttons act as a cost-effective and practical deterrent. By placing panic buttons in strategic positions in houses or businesses, G4S rapid response services are available in the event of an emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
For a modest additional investment motions sensors and/or electric fences can be installed to detect intruders. These are directly linked to the Control Room to enable rapid response from your G4S team in the case of an emergency. Smoke detectors can also be installed to provide additional protection from fires for your home, business, people and possessions.