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We aim to offer our members productive networking, high quality events and promotional opportunities, valuable information services and access to influential individuals and institutions
Our mission is to:
  • Promote and support the business interests of all our members both in Sierra Leone and overseas
  • Strengthen commercial ties between Britain and Sierra Leone
  • Introduce new foreign business into the Sierra Leone market
  • Encourage Sierra Leone investment into the UK
  • Drive private sector forward and reducing dependency on aid
  • Encourage capacity building in the private sector

Sierra Rutile Ltd
Sierra Rutile is a leading mineral sands company, operating world-class assets in Sierra Leone.  Sierra Rutile is in the process of significantly expanding its core Rutile production, with associated increases of zircon and ilmenite by-products.


Sierra Retile’s core product is Rutile, one of a group of titanium dioxide minerals (TiO2), predominantly used in the manufacture of white pigment. Rutile, as well as other TiO2 minerals, are used in the pigment industry, due to their particularly high brightness and opacity characteristics.  White pigment itself is then used in the global paint, plastics and paper industries.
Rutile is known as a “high-grade” feedstock for pigment manufacture as it requires significantly less processing than other feedstocks in the pigment manufacturing process.  This means manufacturing of pigment from Rutile consumes less ore, coke and chloride than for other TiO2 feedstocks, while at the same time generating less waste; making Rutile the premium pigment feedstock.
Rutile is also used in increasing volumes in titanium metal production, where Rutile’s high titanium content makes it the preferred source of titanium units. Sierra Rutile also produces by-products of ilmenite, a lower-grade pigment feedstock and zircon, used in the global ceramics industry.